All done

Hello, this is Lee, brother to one of Charlotte’s parents and creator of this here web-a-ma-jig.

Charlotte is all done with chemo, the tumor has been removed, and Charlotte is very bald, but is on the mend and with an apparent new appreciation for eating. And she just started walking, apparently, I’m looking at her right now and she’s walking.

Since chemo is over I’ve cancelled all monthly-recurring payments, as per the request of my sister Liza. Thanks to everyone who has helped out in this time, whether financially or whatever; that was real’ good of you!

For now I’m leaving up the donation links/infos, so you can still donate if you want to. Just know that the chemo part is over. Thanks again everyone, bye.

Benefit Concert this Weekend, Sunday August 5

Please attend the benefit concert this weekend, Sunday August 5 at the Amvets Post 2 in Yarmouth, Maine. Noon - 5 pm.

For more information:

Round 2

charlotte waiting to be admitted for 2nd cycle of chemo

Charlotte waiting to be admitted so we can get her 2nd cycle of chemo underway.

Charlotte’s home!

So, Charlotte was doing well enough to come home earlier today. Her blood counts are still low but improving. The big news is that she is beginning to eat a little more and more. Plus, she is starting to smile again (we saw a bit of the old Charlotte today!). We want to thank everyone for all of your prayers and support. Our family could not get through this without all of you.

Update on Charlotte

The bad news: Charlotte was admitted to the hospital on Monday, March 20th, 2012, because she wasn’t doing very well.  She was eating very little and her blood counts have continued to drop and she spiked a fever this morning, which is not uncommon while undergoing chemotherapy; however, she has to be closely monitored and be given iv antibiotics.

The good news: Charlotte has actually eaten a little and smiled today, which is something we haven’t seen in about a week. We continue to hope that with each day she gets a little better so she will be able to stay on schedule with her chemotherapy and remain out of the hospital.

About This Site

This site was created by Lee Batchelor, that’s me, hi. I’m the brother of Liza Batchelor Woodward, and brother-in-law to Shannon Woodward—the parents in need of saving. I don’t know Charlotte very well, I’d like to, but she’s only 9 months old and I’m a recluse who needs at least 5 years to get to know someone. However, I do know Liza, and knowing the marathon of a living nightmare she must be going through nearly makes me frantic…

So I’ve made this site for friends, family, or any other inspired individuals to donate money. Lets all shower my sister and brother-in-law with money, so they can concentrate on the more important elements of their hellish situation. You can find the donation link in the sidebar to the right

Any money donated will go into the Paypal account for Save Charlotte’s Parents. There are two options when donating, 1.) you can donate a fixed sum, or 2.) you can “subscribe” and donate a certain amount on a recurring schedule. The fixed sum donations don’t require you to setup a Paypal account, you just need a credit or debit card. The recurring donations do require a paypal account, and it must be set up to make payments, click here to watch a little video tutorial on how to do just that.